Friday, July 31, 2009

Collector's Home

Collector’s Home

Russ and Nancy Noel May

It’s all about the mix

Walk up to the May household and you see art as soon as you enter the driveway. Folk art sculptures line the path and surround the front door. The door opens to a great room that defies you to take it all in. Everywhere you look there is something fascinating and colorful to see.

“I’ve been an artist all my life and have been collecting for over thirty years” says Nancy. “If something captures my interest, then it’s something I’d like to have around me and I’m not worried about where it will go, I know I’ll find the perfect place.”

I’m not held to displaying certain pieces in certain rooms. I like to mix it up. I look for a unifying theme or color or subject matter, not concerning myself with the styles of the pieces. I don’t try to match anything… paintings don’t have to match the sofa, nor do I worry about different colors and styles in the framing. It all adds to the texture and interest in the room.

My great room has cathedral ceilings and my collection is too large to consider hanging sparsely. I like to have work that appears at eye level from many perspectives, from sitting, standing and higher. I want to continue to add to my collection, so I have to keep coming up with creative ways to display it all while still honoring the integrity of each piece.

Many of my artworks are functional like handmade tables, lamps and pottery. They become part of the tapestry of the room. I love to add a whimsical flavor with folk art and odd collectibles.

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