Monday, October 12, 2009

Art Star of the Week: Anne Boysen

Star here: I first met artist Anne Boysen at an art show in Philadelphia. I fell in love with abstracted floral paintings because of their incredible, spontaneous energy and vibrant color.

Anne lives in a huge, historic home in Germantown that is stuffed to the gills with her artwork. I have the great pleasure of staying with her twice a year when I travel to art shows in her area. It is always an adventure to visit her and a delightful challenge to pick out my favorite paintings to bring back to the gallery (I want so many!). Here’s more about the vivacious Anne Boysen:

Star: Describe yourself in three words.
Anne Boysen: Spontaneous, resilient, energetic.

Star: What was your childhood ambition?
Anne Boysen: To be a ballet dancer.

Star: What other jobs have you held besides artist?
Anne Boysen: Handywoman, Sales, Toy Demonstrator, Psychologist, and Banker.

Star: In what other areas of your life do you let your artistry shine?
Anne Boysen: Cooking, decorating ideas, gardening, and my wardrobe.

Star: How would you describe your fashion style?
Anne Boysen: Early thrift store with Spectrum jewelry.

Star: What’s your guilty pleasure?
Anne Boysen: Breakfast at MacDonald’s.

Star: So far, what’s been your proudest moment?
Anne Boysen: A book, Art of Exuberance, published about my artwork.

Star: What’s your personal motto?
Anne Boysen: Keep on truckin'.

Star: Complete this sentence: My life is…
Anne Boysen:…great, I'm lucky to be an artist doing what I want to do.

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