Monday, September 14, 2009

Art Star of the Week: Kristin Gibson

Star here: I pursued Kristin Gibson for quite some time, eager to bring her prolific talents to Spectrum Art and Jewelry. Kristin is the mother of active school-age children, yet she still manages to produce an incredible body of work. She gets her children off to school each morning and sets up wonderful still life displays in her home so she can paint until they come home. She finds the most gorgeous flowers and vegetables you’ve ever seen! We carry both her paintings and her gorgeous hand-painted scarves (infused with Carolina Beach sunshine). Here’s more insight into the effervescent & energetic Kristin Gibson:

Star: When the well runs dry, how do you recharge your creativity?
Kristin Gibson: Take a bike ride or swim in the ocean.

Star: Who or what are your major influences?
Kristin Gibson: I am definitely influenced by a lifetime by the sea and by the small pleasures of daily life.

Star: Are there any special objects that you keep in your studio for inspiration?
Kristin Gibson: My grandmother's teapots, my first pair of glasses, vintage linens, shells, postcards.

Star: Which artists do you most admire?
Kristin Gibson: Matisse, Georgia O'Keefe, Cézanne, Cynthia Packard.

Star: In what other areas of your life do you let your artistry shine?
Kristin Gibson: I do like to cook all the foods I paint. And similar to the way I paint, I'm not afraid to mix a little bit of this with a little bit of that, and use every pot in the kitchen. I also like to plant flowers and give kids the opportunity to get messy with art.

Star: When do your best ideas come to you?
Kristin Gibson: When I’m food shopping!

Star: So far, what’s been your proudest moment?
Kristin Gibson: Being a mom.

Star: Would you ever do a reality show?
Kristin Gibson: No way, my life already feels enough like a reality show!

Star: What’s your motto?
Kristin Gibson: Look on the bright side.

Star: What’s the best advice you could give to a new artist?
Kristin Gibson: Paint and paint some more, steadfast everyday. Market yourself just as much.

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