Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obects of Inspiration

In 1928, Virginia Wolf wrote an essay called “A Room of One’s Own". She argued that “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. Since then, the concept of “A Room of One’s Own” has become a sort of shorthand to describe the need that artists of all persuasions share; the need to create an oasis, a sacred and inspiring space where they can work away from the disturbances and interruptions of daily life.

As professional artists, most of us at Spectrum Art and Jewelry have our own rooms or studios (I’m one of the rare exceptions—these days the gallery doubles as my studio). But how do you create the feeling of a room of one’s own, if you don’t actually have a room? How about with a few objects of your own?

Naturally, inside any art studio you will find the tools and materials that artist needs to create: paints, brushes, glass, tools, buttons, canvases, metals, and stones. But what else will you find? Objects. Those special iconic pieces that transport us, encourage us, and serve as muses that connect us to our source of creativity.

Seashells are a great object to inspire creativity. Simply holding them or looking at them can take you back to the ocean and that feeling of connection to Nature and Spirit. Rocks and beach glass fragments are also wonderful natural objects to keep close by. Conni Mainne keeps her pulse on nature by working in a room with a great view of the Pacific Ocean, while Ann Hair’s favorite nature-inspired object is a cobalt blue vase filled with sunflowers.

Travel photos, family photos and postcards are another great way to inspire your creativity. Family heirlooms that evoke special memories can also get the creative juices flowing: Kristen Gibson keeps her grandmother’s teapots, her first pair of glasses, and vintage linens nearby while she paints.

Looking at books, magazines, and other people’s artwork can also spark great, new ideas. And many of our artists listen to music while they create.

You don’t have to wait for a room of your own, to unleash your creativity—surround yourself with inspiring objects and let your imagination soar!

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